Why Humpolec

Our area is located in Humpolec right by D1 highway between Prague and Brno. It is an ideal location due to the fact that all places in the Czech Republic it is about the same distance. Indisputable advantage is undoubtedly the proximity of the D1 backbone highway, which means that logistics problems are solved for most companies. Other benefits include a friendly approach to self-government and the beautiful environment of the Highlands.

Humpolec - a city for business

Over the past 10 years, Humpolec in the Highland Region has won regional comparative research eight times, once was the second, once the third. Such a position is unprecedented in no other region in the Czech Republic. Humpolec performed well in the nationwide comparison. In 2013 and 2015 he dominated the competition, six times was second and once third !! 205 Cities with Extended Competence and 22 City Districts of Prague are automatically involved in the research “Cities for Business”. In terms of scope and monitored criteria, it is the largest and most relevant survey to be carried out. It covers all areas of strategic importance for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The evaluation methodology is based on the evaluation of 23 criteria divided into two basic areas:


Business environment

(14 criteria, 50% rating)

eg share of entrepreneurs and businesses, distance to motorway network, unemployment, average monthly salary, etc.


Public administration approach

(9 criteria, 50% rating)

eg capital expenditures, public transport expenses, liquidity, water and sewerage charges, real estate tax for entrepreneurs, etc.

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